VA-Varuste is Europe’s leading maker of
custom-made boat textiles

Our main products are boat canopies and boat cushions and boat seats. Our boat textiles represent peak expertise in the field both in relation to quality and practical use. We are bringing individual comfort to boating by making products that increase a boat’s practical value and features.

Functionality, style and durability

VA-Boat Canopies

A well-designed and high-quality manufactured canopy increases the boat’s value and boating comfort. The functionality, appearance and durability of the boat canopy are an important part of the boat’s usability and appearance. We always design boat covers in cooperation with boat manufacturers, taking into account the different uses of the boats. In the design, we use 3D programs that enable the design of the products at the same time as the design of the new boat model. In this way, we can deliver boat covers to the first prototype and demonstration boats. In addition to boat covers, we also manufacture boat harbor blankets and storage blankets.

Käytettävyyttä muotoilusta tinkimättä


Tyynyt parantavat veneilymukavuutta ja vaikuttavat merkittävästi veneen ulkonäköön. Tyynyjen kehittelyssä teemme yhteistyötä useimpien kotimaisten venevalmistajien kanssa. Pystymme tarjoamaan uusintatyynyinä alkuperäisellä kaavalla tehdyn yksittäisen tyynyn tai koko tyynysarjan.

Comfort for boating

VA-Boat Seat

Our VA-boat seats combine first-class ergonomics and modern, stylish design. You can recognize our boat seats by the elegant design that stands out from other basic seats. The design and manufacture of the seats are Finnish quality work. We manufacture the seat frames from durable HDPE plastic, which we combine with a strong aluminum frame. The hybrid structure ensures the durability of the seat even in heavy use. If necessary, the front part of all our seat models can be raised, which makes riding standing up easy. VA-boat seats are customized to match the colors of each boat manufacturer.

Europe’s leading
maker of custom-made boat textiles


Already over 50 years


Our main products are boat canopies and boat cushions and boat seats

Our customers are all significant boat-makers in Finland as well as other Nordic countries.
Our products are also delivered to Central and Southern Europe.

Boat canopy

Functionality, style and durability

Finnish quality

The stylish seat will give your boat a new look

Is your boat protected?

Winter storage protection that also preserves the value of your boat


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