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Boat Canopies

A boat canopy functions as an additional protection under various conditions – cold, hot, come rain or shine! A boat canopy’s functionality, appearance and durability are always an important part of a boat’s usability and general appearance.

VA-boat canopies since 1969

Functionality, style and durability

Our original boat canopies are always designed in cooperation with boat manufacturers, taking into account the various boat applications available. This ensures that the covers fit the boat model in question and serve the user as well as possible. We have manufactured original boat canopies for most Finnish and Scandinavian boat brands. We have digitised our original canopy patterns used to make replacement canopies. This way, we can guarantee the consistent quality of the replacement canopies.

When your boat canopy starts to show need of renewal, you know you can get a fine-quality product from us – already designed at the outset with the special purposes of your boat in mind. As a producer of authentic canopies, we are able to offer you a product made in accordance with the original pattern for your boat and canopy arch.

According to your requirements, you can choose to renew only the boat canopy without the arch, or order new arches for your canopy as well. In addition, you can personally select the colour of your new canopy from our selection, which offers over 20 different colours.

Quote for a boat canopy

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If you don’t know precisely the make and year of your boat, we will need your old canopy for inspection before we can begin making the new one.

In addition, the old canopy is needed for the final stage of the production process so that the location of each edge mounts can be fitted precisely in place. Especially in older ones; In boat models manufactured in the 90s or earlier, the risk of differences is greater. In these older models, we need the old boat canopy at the end of the manufacturing process to check the location of the edge mounts from the old canopy. For newer models, the risk of differences is lower, but only by aligning the fasteners from the old canopy can we guarantee a full canopy fit in terms of the fastening locations!

  1. Check your boat model and year of manufacture. When ordering a renewed boat canopy, it’s a good idea to ensure before starting production that the pattern we’re using is exactly the right one! Here can be variations affecting the boat canopy even from one boat model to another from the same year.
  2. Think about the colour of your new boat canopy in advance. You can see the colour chart HERE.
  3. Contact us jeither by telephoning +358 (0)17 2659 500 or by email: va-varuste[at]va-varuste.fi or by filling in the form below.
  4. Jos sinulla on vanha kuomu ja olet lähettämässä sen meille, niin katso vanhan kuomun lähettämiseen liittyvät ohjeet TÄSTÄ. Ennen lähettämistä irrota kuomu kaarista ja puhdista siitä pahimmat liat pois. If your canopy is wet, wait for it to dry.
  5. NOTE! Insert a note inside the canopy package that has your contact information and information about the boat model (make, model, year). Please mark the colour you wish for the new canopy on the note. You can also fill in the information on the attached form and print it. Print the form HERE. Remember to put the completed form with the old canopy inside the package. There is a risk of tears and loss in the labels taped on top of the package during transport!
  6. If a pattern cannot be found of your boat’s canopy, we can most likely make a new canopy by copying the old one. Send us a photo of the old canopy or send the old canopy to us for assessment. This way we can give you a price estimate for copying it. If our offer does not please you, we’ll send your old canopy back to you – at no charge.
  7. We will send you a new canopy once it is finished. The package is delivered as a cash on delivery package, a Matkahuolto bus cash on delivery package or as a Kaukokiito shipment, in which case the canopy is invoiced separately before sending. The new canopy can also be picked up from us, in which case the payment will be made upon collection.

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The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information she gives about the boat. Based on the boat’s model year or hull number, we make a suitable canopy. Sometimes there can be different versions of the canopy for the same boat, depending on the time of manufacture.

Canopy arches

If your current canopy is manufactured by VA-Varuste and you order a new canopy in the same model, a new canopy fits the existing canopy frames. So you can still use the current intact frames.

If the canopy frames are bent or broken, you should order new frames together with the new canopy. Also, if you are not ordering the same version as the old canopy, you may need new set of frames. In addition, if there is no certainty that the new canopy is the same model as your current canopy (e.g. the current canopy is not manufactured by VA-Varuste), you should order new frames.

Canopy frames are made from HST steel tube or aluminum depending on the canopy model. The thickness of the tube also depends on the canopy model, the most common tube thicknesses are Ø18 (with plastic fittings), Ø20, and Ø25mm (with stainless steel fittings).

Choose the color of the canopy fabric

The canopy fabric is always high-quality Sunbrella Plus material. All colors are the same price.

Color for details

There are 3 color options to choose from, which affect the color of the edge finishing tape, reinforcement patches, sewing thread and the zippers of the canopy.

Special mentions


Accept the terms and Send

Please note! At present, custom-made remanufactured shells are

Delivery time about 4-6 weeks

We will confirm a more precise delivery time in the order confirmation emailed to you when we have processed your order.



Our boat canopies are made from materials that are easy to maintain and last from year to year. Your boat canopy deserves only the best – Sunbrella Plus boat canopy fabrics. For the other parts of the canopy as well, we use only accessories made from the best-quality materials.

Pattern collection

Our continuously growing pattern collection already covers thousands of boat models. If you can’t find a canopy pattern for your particular boat model from what we offer, we’re most likely able to prepare the new boat canopy on the basis of the old one.

If you don’t have an old canopy, that’s no problem, either: we can measure and make a brand new, individual boat canopy to perfectly fit and meet the demands of your particular boat. We take the measures for new canopies in a measurement hall at our factory in Kuopio.

For more information on replicating an old canopy or sizing a new one, please send us photos and more information by email at: customerservice@va-varuste.fi

You can also send a request for an offer using the form.

Inhouse design

VA-Varuste’s designers draw new products using 3D design programs or traditional sizing methods.

Gerber multilayer cutters

Fabric parts are usually cut with automatic cutters. Automatic cutting based on digitised canopy patterns ensures consistent quality. The parts are always the same size and the fasteners in their proper places.

Canopy arches

We mainly manufacture the boat canopy arches ourselves. Our metal departments in Kuopio and Suwałki offer strong expertise and always use up-to-date patterns.

Sewing and finishing

A combination of traditional handicrafts and modern production methods allows us to sew and finish the canopies with uncompromising quality.


Electric bird repellent

VA-Lokki is an electric bird repellent based on traditional electric animal fence technology. A conductive wire is sewn to the boat canopy’s roof section to create an electric circuit, and an electric fence energiser unit to provide the required electrical impulse is installed on the boat. The sewn-in electric circuit is waterproof. To ensure watertight operation, the canopy roof should be impregnated with an agent delivered with the product.

The unit uses the boat’s own battery or separate batteries as the power source. Separate batteries are sufficient for about a month’s use. When using the boat’s battery, the energiser unit will cut off the power if the battery level drops too low. This prevents the boat battery from running out.

Any bird landing on the boat canopy’s roof section will receive a small electric shock. The shock effectively prevents birds from remaining on top of the boat canopy, considerably reducing the problems caused by bird droppings. The electric shock the bird receives is not harmful. The easy-to-use VA-Lokki is designed for use in a boat.

Please note that you cannot purchase VA-Lokki separately. It can only be installed on a new canopy when replacing the old one. The product is always designed for a specific canopy. VA-Lokki is only available for canopies made according to our patterns.


Easy to use fitting

There are different solutions for fastening boat canopy available for boat manufacturers. We have developed our own fitting called VA-Snap. This stylish fitting doesn’t require use of canopy reinforcing patch as VA-Snap will be mounted on a hole which is added on fabric during the process of cutting fabric. VA-Snap’s own fittings or press snap fasteners mounted on boat can be used as counterparts for VA-Snap. VA-Snap boat side fastening is available in chromium-plated or black metal and also in plastic. VA-Snap fittings for fabric are available in different colours, and the colour can be adjusted according to the colour of fabric or edge tape. VA-Snap is easy to use: there is HST retainer ring inside the fitting which can endure removal for hundreds of thousands times. If any of the parts accidentally break they can be replaced easily.