Seasonal colour options

Colour chart

Includes the current selection of colours in our stock.

Canopy fabrics

Sunbrella Plus

We use high-quality Sunbrella Plus canopy fabric to ensure that our canopies last year after year. The fabric is made of fibre-dyed, impregnated, and UV-protected 100% acrylic. Here you can view the current selection of colours in our stock. Here you can view the current selection of colours in our stock. If you are interested in ordering a new canopy or getting a quote for a new canopy/harbour cover, please submit a quote request.

Upholstery fabrics

Artificial leathers

Artificial leather or leatherette is well-suited for upholstery. Artificial leather suitable for upholstering is thick and durable. The most common materials for artificial leather suitable for upholstering include durable polyester coating and other man-made fibres with cotton backing. As an upholstery material, artificial leather is known for its genuine leather-like surface and colouring as well as its ease of care and dirt and water-repellent properties.


Polyester/cotton yarn

Serafil is a sewing and embroidery thread made from polyester continuous filament.

The single yarns are made of endless fibres (filaments) for continuous filament threads. Up to 200 single filaments make up a single yarn (continuous filament). Thanks to their construction, continuous filaments have a smooth, glossy surface and a consistent thread character. Furthermore, they display a very high breaking strength and abrasion resistance.