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Boat canopies



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VA-Varuste is Europe’s leading maker of custom-made boat textiles.
Our main products are boat canopies and boat cushions and boat seats. Our boat textiles represent peak expertise in the field both in relation to quality and practical use. We are bringing individual comfort to boating by making products that increase a boat’s practical value and features.
Functionality, style and durability
VA-Boat Canopies

A well-designed, quality-made canopy brings extra comfort to boating and increases the value of your boat. The functionality, appearance and durability of the canopy are the key factors in enchasing the usability and appeal of your boat. We always design boat canopies in cooperation with boat-builders, taking the various applications of the boat into consideration. With 3D modelling applications, we can design accessory products alongside the design of new boat models. We are thereby capable of already delivering canopies that fit the initial boat prototypes and demonstration models. In addition to canopies, we make
harbour covers as well as storage covers.

Boat canopies
Practicality without any design compromise
VA-Boat Cushions

These cushions improve boating comfort and have a significant effect on the look of your boat. In developing cushions, we engage in cooperation with numerous Finnish boat manufacturers. We are able to offer, as replacement cushions, either an individual cushion made with the original pattern or an entire cushion series.

Boat cushions
Comfort for boating
VA-Boat Seat

First-class ergonomics and modern, elegant design merge in our VA-Boat Seats. You’ll recognize our boat seats from others by their stylish, elegant design. The design and assembly of VA-Boat Seats represent peak Finnish quality. We make the seat bodies from durable materials which we combine with strong aluminium frames. The hybrid structure ensures the durability of the seat even under demanding use. The front part of the seats In all models can be raised to a vertical position, making driving while standing easy. The VA-Boat Seats are fully customizable to the colur range of individual boat manufacturers.

Boat seats
Europe’s leading
maker of custom-made boat textiles.
Already over 50 years
Our main products are boat canopies and boat cushions and boat seats.
BtoB broschure
Our customers are all significant boat-makers in Finland as well as other Nordic countries. Our products are also delivered to Central and Southern Europe.
Our products are also delivered to Central and Southern Europe.
Boat canopy
Functionality, style and durability
Boat canopies
Finnish quality
The stylish seat will give your boat a new look
Boat seats
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Winter storage protection that also preserves the value of your boat.
Winter Covers
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