Modern classic

Boat Seats

We have designed a boat seat collection where the starting point for planning has been good design – which means comfort in everyday use but is also highly representative in appearance. We’ve combined ergonomics with the modern language of design. You can recognize our boat seats by the elegant design that stands out from other basic seats.

Functionality, style and durability

Planning based on design ensures comfort in everyday use and good looks.

The design and assembly of VA-Boat seats represent top Finnish quality. The front part of the seats in all models can be raised to a vertical position, making driving while standing easy. It is also possible to sit on top of the front section when it is in a vertical position. The hybrid structure ensures the durability of the seat even in heavy use. VA-Boat seats are available with various material and colour options.

Our boat seat range for private customers


VA-Mini is intended for comfortable and sporty boating. Thanks to its compact size, the VA-Mini is suitable for most boat models.
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VA-Mini GT

If you are looking for a touch of luxury without compromising on the special characteristics needed in a fast driving seat, the VA-Mini GT is for you. Thanks to its compact size, the VA-Mini GT is suitable for most boat models.
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VA-Mini GT


The VA-Pro seat is designed for safe and pleasant boating. The adjustable backrest and front edge of the seat can be easily locked into one of the four positions to attain an ergonomic and safe driving position. Featuring a patented quick-adjustment mechanism, the seat is effortlessly adjusted to individual preferences and needs.
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VA-Swing brings additional comfort to boating. The excellent design of the thigh and back supports keeps the driving position stable, and comfort is increased by a softer, more luxurious seat cushion. VA-Swing is designed so that both sitting down and getting up to leave are easy and quick.
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Care instructions

Small soiling

  • Wipe the seat with a damp or slightly moist cleaning cloth. You can put slightly neutral washing liquid into the wash.
  • Allow the surface to dry under airy conditions.


  • Store the cushions in the boat so they’re not affected by rain. Although the foam rubber inside the pillow is protected with a plastic surface, it is not waterproof. Mould can form on the foam rubber and in the lining of cushion cover if the cushion is continuously waterlogged and is not allowed to dry under airy conditions.
  • It is not recommended for boat cushions to be kept for long periods in direct sunlight. Although the material is UV-protected, long-term exposure to UV light may make colours fade and shorten the service life of the materials.
  • Take the cushions for winter storage into a dry, well-ventilated location. Do not use or store cushions made of artificial leather under severe frost conditions, as the surface of the material may crack.

Unique seating solutions for boat manufacturers

From concept to seat

Boat seats with different design solutions

We design and manufacture boat seats for various needs in the boating industry. We can customise our standard range seats in terms of materials, colours and stitching to provide you with a seat that suits your needs at a low cost. It is also possible to have proprietary pieces of foam custom-fitted to the standard seat frames at a reasonable cost.

The seat frames in our range can be designed and made using proprietary foam shapes to create various seating solutions. We can also design and create specific seat frame moulds with our partners, thereby making it possible to produce unique seating solutions. In terms of cost, these options are suitable for large production series.

Customer-focused solutions

Unique projects

Our professional design teams in the Kuopio and Poland factories can handle the design, production and, if necessary, testing of the fabric components. By taking care of the design and assembly of the product from start to finish, we can offer our customers the best possible quality.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

We can design boat seats to your specific need

– Upholstery components

Our professional design teams in the Kuopio and Poland factories can handle the design, production and testing of the fabric components.

– Foams

Complex seat foam parts can be made using casting techniques. Our design service covers preliminary moulds for subcontracting.

– Pieces of foam

Most boat cushions can be cut into shapes from foam blanks. Our diverse chain of suppliers enables us to provide also more challenging pieces.

– The frame makes a boat seat

The frame structures are always designed to the customer’s needs. Together with our partners, we can make the support structures from plastic, metal or wood.

– Assembly

By taking care of the design and assembly of the product from start to finish, we can offer you the best possible quality.

– Delivery

Our Kuopio facilities are well-situated to serve Nordic customers. Our Polish factory in Suwałki has good connections to Europe.

Stand out from the crowd

Exclusive stitched or HF-welded patterns

Our comprehensive vinyl range includes a combination of colours and materials to suit your needs. The selected fabric can also be stitched or HF-welded to feature the desired pattern. The pattern can be made exclusive to a boat brand.

From concept to seat

A frame according to your needs

The most common frame in our boat seats is a combination of tough and durable polyethylene and lightweight aluminium. We can design new seats using existing polyethylene parts to minimise product development and manufacturing costs. The seat frame can also be made from bent aluminium pipe. This way, the seat can be made very light. Some seat frames include aluminium and polyethylene sheets and film-faced plywood.