Practicality without any design compromise

Boat cushions

Cushions improve boating comfort and significantly affect the appearance of the boat. In developing cushions, we engage in cooperation with numerous Finnish boat manufacturers.

Cushions for style and comfort

We can offer a single cushion made with the original pattern or a whole set of cushions as replacement cushions.

Our boat cushions offer excellent practicality without sacrificing style. We have been making original boat cushions, especially for different open boat models, for many years. When the cushions need replacing, we can supply cushion sets or single cushions made according to the original pattern. When replacing the cushions, you can also update the colour scheme within our range of materials and colours.

Please note that we only make cushions according to our patterns. If the cushions in your boat are made by some other manufacturer, you should contact the boat manufacturer for replacement cushions. We do not offer single cushion or boat interior upholstery services.

Unique seating solutions for boat manufacturers

from concept to cushions

We design boat cushions to your specific need

We design cushions using 3D programs to model a wide variety of alternatives without the need for prototypes. This ensures a quick and cost-effective planning process. We can manufacture cushion sets for new boat models in advance to ensure that they are available already for the first prototype and demonstrator boats. Our comprehensive material range offers combinations of colours and materials for all applications.

Stand out from the crowd

Exclusive stitched or HF-welded patterns

Our comprehensive vinyl range provides colour and material combinations to match your specific needs. You can choose different types and colour stitchings to have more unique cushions. The selected fabric can also be stitched or HF-welded to feature the desired pattern. The pattern can be made exclusive to you.

Customer-focused solutions

Unique projects

We design cushions to match your needs. We can adapt your design to our production methods or start from scratch. The cushions can be made to include various features, such as tilting or swivelling backrests. You can choose hinged cushions that can be stored in a smaller space. Mattresses can be upholstered with soft or hard backgrounds, making it possible to use a sunbed as a load-bearing structure, for example.

Care instructions

Small soiling

  • Wipe the seat with a damp or slightly moist cleaning cloth. You can put slightly neutral washing liquid into the wash.
  • Allow the surface to dry under airy conditions.

Larger stains

  • Remove the cushion cover from the foam rubber.
  • Wash the cover by hand in lukewarm water, using a mild soap solution. Please note! Hand wash only!
  • Rinse the cover carefully and dry by airing it out.


  • Store the cushions in the boat so they’re not affected by rain. Although the foam rubber inside the pillow is protected with a plastic surface, it is not waterproof. Mould can form on the foam rubber and in the lining of cushion cover if the cushion is continuously waterlogged and is not allowed to dry under airy conditions.
  • It is not recommended for boat cushions to be kept for long periods in direct sunlight. Although the material is UV-protected, long-term exposure to UV light may make colours fade and shorten the service life of the materials.
  • Take the cushions for winter storage into a dry, well-ventilated location. Do not use or store cushions made of artificial leather under severe frost conditions, as the surface of the material may crack.