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Frequently asked Questions

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We have gathered here the most common questions related to ordering, shopping online, delivery, complaints, returns, product information and services. There is an answer to most questions and problem situations Boat canopy installation- usage- and care instructions or from the term page.

Boat canopies and covers

Fill out the offer request form.

Our customer service will contact you, when the offer request has been processed.

If you don’t know precisely the make and year of your boat, we will need your old canopy for inspection before we can begin making the new one.

In addition, the old canopy is needed for the final stage of the production process so that the location of each edge mounts can be fitted precisely in place. Especially in older ones; In boat models manufactured in the 90s or earlier, the risk of differences is greater. In these older models, we need the old boat canopy at the end of the manufacturing process to check the location of the edge mounts from the old canopy. For newer models, the risk of differences is lower, but only by aligning the fasteners from the old canopy can we guarantee a full canopy fit in terms of the fastening locations!

  1. Check your boat model and year of manufacture. When ordering a renewed boat canopy, it’s a good idea to ensure before starting production that the pattern we’re using is exactly the right one! Here can be variations affecting the boat canopy even from one boat model to another from the same year.
  2. Think about the colour of your new boat canopy in advance. You can see the colour chart HERE.
  3. Contact us jeither by telephoning +358 (0)17 2659 500 or by email: va-varuste[at] or by filling in the form below.
  4. If you’ve got an old canopy, send it to us as a postal package or (in Finland) via Matkahuolto Coach Delivery Services HERE. Before delivery, detach the canopy from the arch and clean away the worst dirt. If your canopy is wet, wait for it to dry.
  5. NOTE! Attention! Insert a note inside the canopy package that has your contact information and information about the boat model (make, model, year). Please mark the colour you wish for the new canopy on the note. You can also fill in the information on the attached form and print it. Print the form HERE. Remember to put the completed form with the old canopy inside the package. There is a risk of tears and loss in the labels taped on top of the package during transport!
  6. If a pattern cannot be found of your boat’s canopy, we can most likely make a new canopy by copying the old one. Send us a photo of the old canopy or send the old canopy to us for assessment. This way we can give you a price estimate for copying it. If our offer does not please you, we’ll send your old canopy back to you – at no charge.
  7. We will send you a new canopy once it is finished. The package is delivered as a cash on delivery package, a Matkahuolto bus cash on delivery package or as a Kaukokiito shipment, in which case the canopy is invoiced separately before sending. The new canopy can also be picked up from us, in which case the payment will be made upon collection.

Fill out the offer request form:

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The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information she gives about the boat. Based on the boat’s model year or hull number, we make a suitable canopy. Sometimes there can be different versions of the canopy for the same boat, depending on the time of manufacture.

Canopy arches

If your current canopy is manufactured by VA-Varuste and you order a new canopy in the same model, a new canopy fits the existing canopy frames. So you can still use the current intact frames.

If the canopy frames are bent or broken, you should order new frames together with the new canopy. Also, if you are not ordering the same version as the old canopy, you may need new set of frames. In addition, if there is no certainty that the new canopy is the same model as your current canopy (e.g. the current canopy is not manufactured by VA-Varuste), you should order new frames.

Canopy frames are made from HST steel tube or aluminum depending on the canopy model. The thickness of the tube also depends on the canopy model, the most common tube thicknesses are Ø18 (with plastic fittings), Ø20, and Ø25mm (with stainless steel fittings).

Choose the color of the canopy fabric

The canopy fabric is always high-quality Sunbrella Plus material. All colors are the same price.

Color for details

There are 3 color options to choose from, which affect the color of the edge finishing tape, reinforcement patches, sewing thread and the zippers of the canopy.

Special mentions


Accept the terms and Send

Installation is unfortunately not included in the price of the product. Ask for the price for installation separately.

Check the installation. Read the model-specific installation instructions supplied with the product, as well as the general Installation, usage and care instructions.

If the installation is in accordance with the instructions, please fill out the boat canopy complaint form HERE.

Stop using the product and contact the manufacturer. Larger amount of water on top of the hood can cause the product to stretch and spoil it.

Check the installation. Read the model-specific installation instructions supplied with the product, as well as the general Installation, usage and care instructions.

If the installation is in accordance with the instructions, please fill out the boat canopy complaint form HERE.

Rinse the canopy with lukewarm water. The water temperature must be max. 30 ° C. NOTE! When washing and cleaning, do not use a high temperature, as the fabric may shrink. Sunbrella fabrics are heat-sensitive 100% acrylic fiber. Wash the canopy by hand with mild soapy water and rinse with plenty of water. NOTE! Attention! Do not use solvents! Hand wash only! See detailed instructions from the general Installation, usage and care instructions.

The canopy itself is 100% acrylic and does not mold due to its material. Molding of the canopy is affected by its care and we provide instructions for it. Organic material sticking to the canopy or poor ventilation when the canopy is closed can cause mold. We recommend washing the canopy every autumn (in the end of boating season), even if there is no visible loose dirt.

Unfortunately, we do not have a washing service for canopies.

After the season, the cleaned canopy is recommended to be stored in a dry and warm place. A dirty canopy can become moldy when stored in a place exposed to the weather or humidity.

Using the canopy as winter protection outside is not recommended. In heavy snowy winters, the snow packed on top of the hood can ruin the canopye frame pipes. When frozen, the window films can crack if something hits them.

The use of the canopy is not recommended for transport at highway speeds.

The canopy fabric is already treated with a waterproofing agent at the fabric factory.
After a few summers, when you notice water seeping through the fabric, it’s time to treated the canopy with a waterproofing agent. Waterproofing agent should also be used after mould removal, for example. Remember to protect any window films when the canopy will be treated with a waterproofing agent.

We have our own patterns that are compatible with factory-condition boats. The patterns may have manufacturer-specific differences, so our canopy may look different from another manufacturer’s canopy.

Made according to a model means that we make the new canopy using the old canopy as a model. In this case, the old canopy is cut open and used for patterns so that you cannot get it back. When making a canopy according to a model, it is important that the old canopy sits well and is suitable for the boat. The prices of canopies made according to a model are determined case-specifically.

Arches are the arch pipes that hold the canopy up and in shape. The arches are threaded or placed into arch ducts with zippers. The arches are mounted on the boat.

Aligning the fasteners means that we align the new canopy’s fasteners using the old canopy as a model. This way, you don’t need to move the fasteners on the boat.

You can check the Watercraft Identification Number with the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom or in the boat’s aft or on the Transport Register. Example of a HIN/CIN/WIN code: FI-VALA007BH102.

Yes, all canopy fabric colours cost the same. Indicate the name and code of the desired colour when placing the order.

Edging strips are strips sewn into different parts around the edge of the canopy. Reinforcing patches are used as reinforcement at the fastening holes.

A harbour cover is used to protect the boat in the harbour. Harbour covers are not suitable for driving and have no windows.

Order and Delivery

Our delivery time is usually 1-7 business days for products in stock. However, the delivery time for products made to order is longer. Ordered products are adjusted to normal production, in which case the delivery time depends on its current production situation. We will confirm the delivery time when your order has been processed. If the order contains products for which a longer delivery time has been announced, the delivery of such orders will naturally take a little longer. Products are usually delivered in Finland either by mail, Postnord or Kaukokiito delivery, depending on the size of the package. Please note! We cannot influence the delivery time if the delay in delivery is due to a third party error, strike or natural disasters.

Another person can pick up a registered letter or package for you with a power of attorney. You can fill in and print the power of attorney here: Posti power of attorney form. The order can be picked up with a notice of arrival, a power of attorney and an identity document.

If your order is missing products, contact our customer service and we will sort it out. Send a message from the email address of the customer account used in the order and include your order number shown in the order confirmation and an explanation of what happened.

Unfortunately, sometimes the product can be damaged in transport. In these cases, contact directly our customer service to solve the problem. Send a message from the email address entered in the customer account and state your receipt/order number in the message and take pictures of the damage, which makes it easier for us to assess the extent of the damage and take the necessary measures to resolve the situation.

Delivery costs depend on the delivery method you choose. You can see the prices of different delivery methods on the shopping cart page when choosing a delivery method. Pickup from the VA-Varuste factory is always free.

Check the return instructions and conditions.

The order is always paid after the product is finished, depending on the delivery method. See the payment of the order by delivery method.

The order is paid upon collection at the nearest Posti service point.

The invoice will be sent after the order is completed in a separate e‑mail message. When the payment reaches our account, we order the transport.

When picking up from our factory, the order is paid upon collection. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an invoice.

Kuomun can be sent to us as a traditional Posti package, not to be picked up from a vending machine. Instructions for sending can be found here.

Unfortunately, we do not send orders by mail, as there is no tracking in them. We only ship orders in packages.

Of course! However, we recommend that you contact us before your arrival. Our factory has flexible working hours, and when buying zippers, fabrics, window films and pipes, for example, it is good to place an order in advance so that we can prepare your order.


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